Rosanna spent years unknowingly living in a constant state of hypervigilance, in part from dealing with complex PTSD and partly from living a typical modern life with little to no ‘down’ time disconnected from the constant barrage of pings, dings and notifications of cell phones.

Upon being introduced to guided breathwork, Rosanna noticed her stress levels reducing and an increased ability and comfort with being able to sit in silence, something she’d struggled with for years. The more Rosanna learned about breathwork, the more impassioned she became about sharing the power of the one thing every single human has access to that allows them to regulate their nervous systems and manage their emotions within 90 seconds: their own breath.

As Rosanna continued her own healing journey, she became hyper-aware of how many people live in a constant state of reactivity, triggered by what’s happening around them and feeling little to no control over their knee-jerk responses. She now teaches people how to use breathwork to bring consciousness to triggers and create bridges to intentional responses rather than impulse reactions.

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