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Meet Rosanna

Rosanna spent years unknowingly living in a constant state of hypervigilance, in part from dealing with complex PTSD and partly from living a typical modern life with little to no ‘down’ time disconnected from the constant barrage of pings, dings and notifications of cell phones. Upon being introduced to guided breathwork, Rosanna noticed her stress levels reducing and an increased ability and comfort with … Read More Meet Rosanna

Don’t call it mental illness

To tell my family’s story is to acknowledge that there was another member of our family. Doctors and experts would and did call it a mental illness…

“I just don’t look like my mess”

That is one of a few of my favorite quotes from Pauleanna Reid, my guest on Episode 46 of the Breaking Labels Podcast. Pauleanna is one of those women I have always been drawn to. She exudes an air of confidence and self-assuredness that you can’t help but want to know more about, not to mention hope a bit of that confidence rubs off … Read More “I just don’t look like my mess”

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